15 Oktober 2014


There are several different types of FMEA. Some of the more common types of FMEA / FMECA are described below: 

  • The Concept FMEA is used to analyze concepts in the early stages before hardware is defined (most often at system and subsystem)
  • It focuses on potential failure modes associated with the proposed functions of a concept proposal
  • This type of FMEA includes the interaction of multiple systems and interaction between the elements of a system at the concept stages.

  • The Design FMEA is used to analyze products before they are released to production.
  • It focuses on potential failure modes of products caused by design deficiencies.
  • Design FMEAs are normally done at three levels – system, subsystem, and component levels
  • This type of FMEA is used to analyze hardware, functions or a combination
The Process FMEA is normally used to analyze manufacturing and 
assembly processes at the system, subsystem or component levels.

This type of FMEA focuses on potential failure modes of the process 
that are caused by manufacturing or assembly process deficiencies.

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