15 Oktober 2014

Reliability Engineer Task

Preventive Maintenance Procedures
* Ensures failure modes addressed are appropriate
* Performs cost/benefit analysis to set correct

Job Plans and Job Plan Library
* Ensures that all assets in the EMP have a job plan on file (both proactive and reactive)

Bill of Materials
* Supports the Maintenance Engineer and Store with availability simulation to verify stores adjustments
* Alerts stores function when stocking modifications are warranted based on usage and failure analysis

Engineered Maintenance Strategy
* Responsible for changes to the Equipment Maintenance Plan based on analysis of asset failure data
* Alerts Stores to changes in stocking levels to match changes in task frequency

Outage/Turn Around Planning
* Ensures use of Condition Monitoring information is included in turn-around the master plan decision making    process

Equipment Modifications
* Assists Maintenance Engineer with reliability analysis of proposed equipment modifications
* Makes specific recommendations to improve machinery performance and reliability based on analysis of process and failure data

Parts Standardizations
* Assists Maintenance Engineer with reliability analysis of proposed changes

MRO Adjustments
* Responsible for analysis of spares usage and failure data to determine proper stocking levels based on failure data, usage and simulation modeling of the Engineered Maintenance Strategy

* Develops and manages the PdM/NDT process for the purpose of the early identification and elimination of asset defects
* 2nd tier resource for technical assistance
* Responsible for alarm management

CMMS Failure Data (Prohar)
* Responsible to performs statistical analysis on machinery failure data and work order closing codes to determine whether adjustments to the Engineered Maintenance Strategy are warranted
* Responsible for the development of (failure) codes for the WO system

Asset Test Procedures (Return to Service)
* Develops specific procedures for verification of an assets fitness for return to service
* Verifies return-to-service procedures were performed
Failure Investigation RCA & RCFA
* Leads the Root Cause Analysis effort as a part of a proactive strategy
* Leads the Root Cause Failure Analysis effort for sporadic failures (typically uses Logic Tree incident analysis)
* Develops specific operational procedure changes to help mitigate future system failures
* Catalogues and databases the RCA/RCFA results and subsequent action items
* Analyzes plant wide failure data and downtime scenarios to calculate relevant trigger points for RCFA

Technical Support of Daily Maintenance Effort
* Provides technical assistance to maintenance supervisors, planners and crafts personnel in the form of specific, technical data on system configuration and performance

Asset Hierarchy and Technical Specifications
* Responsible for the design of the plant asset hierarchy

Criticality Analysis
* Responsible for the design and management of the asset criticality database and the failure modes criticality database

* Develops and utilizes specific metrics for the process, system, asset and component reliability

Materials Management
* Develops the preventive maintenance strategy for the stored spares
* Develops a testing strategy incoming new and rebuilt spares
* Develops a testing strategy for OEM testing compliance

Reliability Centered Design
* Applies reliability analysis methods to new designs to determine the process, system, asset and component reliability
* Determines single-point failures
* Reviews and/or develops commissioning procedures for new system, asset and component design
* Reviews and/or develops strategies for OEM warranty issues and claims
* Reviews and/or develops machinery modification plans to deal with single-point failure scenarios
* Develops specific maintenance and operational start-up procedures for new installations
* Responsible to develop/review new equipment purchase specifications for reliability and maintainability

Operational Reliability
* Uses reliability analysis tools to determine operational reliability of systems, assets and components
* Helps determine the QA/QC test points and procedures to maximize operational reliability
* Aides in the development of alarms designed to determine and verify acceptable operations
* Develop assessment activities centered around operability and performance optimization
* Develops operator care tasks as a part of the Equipment Maintenance Plan
* Develops the Risk Management Strategy

Reliability Economics
* Responsible for performing quantitative analysis on new projects/strategies and determining project/strategies viability based on corporate values and standards

Technical Training
* Analyzes process and/or failure data to determine the need for improved craft skills
* Identifies/conducts/arranges technical training for PdM/NDT personnel
* Conducts/arranges general reliability training for all plant personnel

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