15 Oktober 2014


This page describes some of the benefits that can be derived by performing various types of FMEA / FMECA.

FMEA / FMECA - General Benefits:

  • Prevention Planning
  • Identifies change requirements
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased throughput
  • Decreased waste
  • Decreased warranty costs
  • Reduce non-value added operations
Concept FMEA:
  • Helps select the optimum concept alternatives, or determine changes to design specifications
  • Identifies potential failure modes caused by interactions within the concept
  • Increases the likelihood all potential effects of a proposed concept’s failure modes are considered.
  • Identifies system level testing requirements
  • Helps determine if hardware system redundancy may be required within a design proposal
Design FMEA:
  • Aids in the objective evaluation of design requirements and designalternatives
  • Aids in the initial design for manufacturing and assembly requirements
  • Increases the probability that potential failure modes and their effects have been considered in the design/development process
  • Provides additional information to help plan thorough and efficient 
  • test programs.
  • Develops a list of potential failure modes ranked according to their effect on the customer. Establishes a priority system for design improvements.
  • Provides an open issue format for recommending and tracking risk reducing actions.
  • Provides future reference to aid in analyzing field concerns.
Process FMEA:
  • Identifies potential product related process failure modes.
  • Assesses the potential customer effects of the failures.
  • Identifies the potential manufacturing or assembly process causes and identifies process variables on which to focus controls or monitoring.
  • Develops a ranked list of potential failure modes, establishing a priority system for corrective action considerations.
  • Documents the results of the manufacturing or assembly process.
  • Identifies process deficiencies
  • Identifies confirmed critical characteristics and/or significant characteristics
  • Identifies operator safety concerns
  • Feeds information on design changes required and manufacturing feasibility back to the designers.

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