30 Oktober 2012

INFI90 MFP02 Fault

We are using INFI90 DCS in a power plant and we got 4 MFP02 processor modules. These modules goes to fault mode after working for a while.
This fault occurs like written below:

Power LED must be normally green but when fault occurs Power LED goes to blinking mode.

MFP02 LED 7 and 8 also turns red. Except these 2 of them there is no Fault LED indication in front panel.

All MFP02 modules have same fault at same time.

We tried to run modules after clearing the memory and downloading the program of modules and we got same fault.

We tried to run modules after loading only configuration and resetting the module and we got same fault.

We checked all electrical connections and we have no abnormality in connections.

We tried to run modules from configuration mode when the module memories are empty and we got same fault.

These faults are not periodically, sometimes it takes 10 mins to go faulty mode or sometimes it takes 1 hour.

I need help about this issue urgently.

Best Regards,

The status LED is a two-color (red and green) LED. It shows the MFP module operating condition. There are four possible operating conditions:

Off: No power is being supplied to the MFP module. The status LED is momentarily off when the microprocessor initializes on start-up.
Solid Green: The MFP module is in execute mode.

Flashing Green: The MFP module is in execute mode but there is an NVRAM checksum error, or the MFP module is in configure or error mode.
Solid Red: The MFP module diagnostics have detected a hardware failure, configuration problem, etc. and have stopped the module.
Additionally, LEDs 1 through 8 will illuminate in a certain combination to display the error code.

LED's 7 & 8 both Red indicate a Primary module, so based on your stated conditions I can only assume that the module is in Configure mode. Why is another story !

Sounds like you might be experiencing a Power Fail Interrupt (PFI). Do you have any communication modules (LIM/BIM, NIS/NPM) or ICT modules? During a PFI those would most likely red light also.

Check all bus voltages (5/15/-15/24) and reply back with values. Since the problem is intermittent, you should probably install a recorder to find out what bus(ses) you are having a problem with.

What type of power supply system and what power supply modules do you have?

How old are the power supplies?

we are now having the same problem MFP02. We think is about 5 V p-p voltage drop. It must be just like john's say PFI.

Our plant 15 years old

Measure the 5V bus value in the PCU cabinet. Use DC Common as the reference. The safest place to do so on an MPSII based system is on the front of the IPMON module - less chance of inducing a short.

The next discussion is based on the MPSII power system, there might be some differences with other systems but you should be able to figure that out.

If less than 5V, at the next opportunity to shut the cabinet down, (1) remove the large cables that connect the power supply with the vertical power bus bar, (2) cut the heat shrink cable off, filling crimped connector with solder, and reapplying heat shrink insulation, (3) reinstalling making sure that you have the proper tooth washers and appropriate torque. As an option to (1) and (2) you can procure new cables from ABB, they are available.

There was at one point in time a bad batch of cables with out of specification crimping, resulting in an abnormally high voltage drop. Loose connections due to vibration over time can also result in a voltage drop that can result in a PFI. 

We've got a couple of hundred PCU cabinets and check the various voltages every couple of years, taking corrective action as needed. I can say that in the 10-15 year time frame these things need some attention, even if it is tightening connections. The only problems that we have found have been with the 5V bus, but we still check +15, -15, and 24 also.

Another thing to consider is refreshing the capacitors in the power supply modules. New power supply modules for the MPSII systems are still available from ABB. You can also have your supplies refurbished.

We have had some PFI's occur due to faulty IPSYS01 power supplies, even though they are in a 2N configuration. Running power supplies to end of life can be a matter of saving money now, but causing loss of production later. I believe that the ABB MPSII manual states that an expected life of an IPSYS01 power supply module is 7 or 8 years.

We had found temporary solution for voltage drop at 5V. I had supplied 5V 55A externally. After this operation nvrams aren't been erased and blinking green (while system working) matter isn't happen.

But differently from these problems now I am having another problem; while system working normally then suddenly some of the relays opens and closes haphazardly this continue until restart. Some time this occurs after restart, some times 7 hours later, some times 3 month later. What could cause to this? Do you have any idea?


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