23 Desember 2011



Generic and Custom Simulators
Key Training Issues Custom Simulators Generic Simulators
Starting Point; Training Focus Complete unit--focus is inter-action of sub-parts.  Difficult to isolate and practice sub-parts Exchangers, pumps, towers, reactors, boilers, compressors, turbine, etc. --focus is sub-parts of a unit
Works best at developing Complete unit operating skills for Senior Operating Levels Fundamentals and Dynamics of process and controls for all Operator levels
Training Objectives “Operating tactics”: Specific tasks and operations that apply to one unit “Operating Strategies”: Practices and procedures that apply across the board
Trainee Operator knows fundamentals and is well  prepared for advanced training Operator is weak in “fundamentals and dynamics”
Simulator Usage, Logistics & Overtime Limited to specialized Simulator HW & Simulator room; training  often requires overtime Simulators run on PCs in control room or rest of plant able to train on-shift, unlimited access
Training Sessions Need to be carefully scheduled ; 8 hour sessions are typical Easily self-scheduled, 60 minutes equals several lessons
Instructors Essential and critical to success of Custom Simulator training Instructor’s development work done in advance, less on-going effort
Benefits Reduced incidents, faster and smoother start-ups, less equipment damage,  fewer emissions, increased morale, increased  confidence and competence Builds confidence, increases awareness for outside operators, ties up all the separate fundamentals topics into a complete package, good stepping stone
Delivery and Cost 12+ months delivery; costly to develop and maintain.  Needs high level management support and funding Immediate delivery; relatively low cost –- can be licensed

Emulated DCS and Actual DCS HW Simulators
Key Training Issues Emulated DCS Actual DCS
Starting Point; Training Focus DCS basic operation and access/use of all key DCS displays: Graphics, Faceplates, Groups, Trends, Tuning, Alarms Complete DCS operation of all displays and functions
HMI Single/Multiple Station operation with virtual and/or actual DCS Keyboard/mouse/ track ball Multiple Station operation with actual DCS Keyboards and/or Touch screen and/or Mouse and/or Trackball
Instrument Configurations Actual configurations recreated on Emulated DCS platform via “block data transfer” and single item entry/updates Actual DCS Configurations downloaded and uploaded to/from actual DCS <-> Simulator
Dynamic Graphics Actual DCS Graphics are used with all live data points, navigation, dynamic valves, levels, etc. recreated Actual, full-function DCS Graphics are used as they relate to the Equipment and Instruments included in Custom Program
DCS HW Maintenance Emulated DCS Simulators run on PCs; no real maintenance issues specific to Emulated DSC platforms Requires routine maintenance and stocking of spares where applicable; need to ensure that Simulator DCS parts are not used as plant spares.
Number of Simulator Stations per Custom Program Model “Unlimited” --Operates across plant-wide PC network -- in control room, training center, or rest of plant; easy scale up for start up and turnaround training Limited to number of actual DCS stations purchased, depending on implementation, can be 1 DCS platform per Custom Program Model
Upgrade to later DCS releases and/or new DCS vendor Limited modifications based on key DCS displays or new Emulated DCS option developed and added to on-line Configuration menu Upgrades depend on DCS HW chances and SW licenses; new DCS vendor upgrades are extensive/costly
“Available for Training” “Click and Go”; Train anywhere/anytime; available for self-study and practice; no dependent on an Instructor being available 1. Is DCS HW/SW working today?
2. Are Trainees available to come to the Simulator Center?
3. Is the trained Instructor there (days)?
Delivery and Cost Immediate delivery of available Emulators; relatively low cost –- can be licensed Multi-months delivery; costly to acquire and maintain. Needs high level management support and ongoing funding        

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