23 Desember 2011


3D Virtual Reality Simulator

For the first time, all aspects of a modern refinery are modeled simultaneously and in realistic detail: plant equipment and layout, DCS controls and instrumentation, navigation, and dynamic operation. Operating teams can now explore and run a Virtual Refinery from any PC in the plant.
Recent accidents and subsequent industry/government panel recommendations highlight the importance of improving the quality of the training provided to the “Outside Operator.”
Our partner company ExplainMedia has taken proven Simulation Solutions training programs, long made available to DCS operators, and is rendering corresponding 3D Virtual Refinery Outside Operator modules. With these added virtual reality capabilities, Outside Operators can actually open and close hand-operated valves, start and stop pumps, take field reading, see and hear equipment running, communicate with the control room, etc. Instructors can mentor and manage training sessions, instead of being tied up in role playing the functions of an Outside Operator from previously provided “remote function” switches.

Users can navigate both outside and inside valves, pumps, towers, and reactors and observe dynamically over a full range of operating conditions how equipment, feedstock, catalysts, and products  respond to changing feed rates, temperatures, pressures, etc. All Outside Operator station functions and responses are being driven by differential equations and mathematical models, not mere animation routines.
The first Virtual Refinery package being offered is a 12 module Distillation Series. The Distillation Series is the first of a set of off-the-shelf Series, and will be quickly followed by comprehensive Series for Furnaces, Compressors, Crude Units, FCC, etc. On-line demonstrations are available.
Detailed Custom Programs, realistic DCS Emulations, and state-of-the-art Virtual Reality based Outside Operator Stations combine to form the key elements of the Virtual Refinery, and create a “test bench” capability for safety and engineering studies previously unavailable. Users can “field test” control schemes and outside operator duties against a virtual plant, and also improve procedures, conduct realistic training for entire operations teams, and ultimately help develop the most efficient and safest way to troubleshoot and respond to plant upsets and emergencies.
Don Glaser, Simulation Solution, and Wilco Sas, ExplainMedia are confident that this new Virtual Refinery will help refinery clients “create expert teams” versus “teams of experts”, closely following the best practice model for “Crew Resource Management Training” in wide use in the airline and aerospace industries.
Traditional Console Simulators versus the Virtual Refinery
Key Training Issues Traditional Simulators Virtual Refinery
Intended Audience Console Operators Console Operators, Outside Operators, and Supervisors
Scope Central Control Room with 'FOD' screen on Instructor Station Complete 'process' training simulator in a virtual environment
Training Objectives Train Console Operators in Normal and Abnormal Conditions, Start- up and Shut-down, etc. Train Outside Operators, Console Operators, and Supervisors in all aspects of Operations, and “Human Factors”: Communication, Collaboration, etc.
Training Approach Singular, requires multiple/ different  training classes to accomplish “technical” and “human factors” training for Console Operators/Others Able to accomplish both “technical” and “human factors” training simultaneously for all trainees – Console Operators, Out-side Operators, and Supervisors
Training Environment Isolated, disconnected from the rest of the team Lively, interactive, involves multiple trainees working together as a life-like team
Instructors Often substitutes for Field Operator using the FOD Panel – which is ‘unrealistic’ for training Provide training support and direction to the entire “operations team” and help to develop “team work skills” as Virtual Refinery provides the console/outside operations capabilities
All costs related to a single group of trainees – Console Operators.
Other classes/tools for other training costs more money
"Two Simulators but more than twice the benefit”.
Useful for training in a lifelike and realistic setting

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