18 Maret 2013


Facts and Tips About FMECA: 

FMECAs should begin as early as possible. This allows the analyst to affect the design before it is set in stone. If you start early, as you should, expect to have to redo portions as the design matures.

FMECAs take a lot of time to complete.

FMECAs require considerable knowledge of system operation necessitating extensive discussions with software/hardware Design Engineering and System Engineering.

Spend time developing ground rules with your customer up front.

The FMECA Analysis Process:
  1. 1) Define the system 2) Define ground rules and assumptions 3) Construct system block diagrams4) Identify failure modes 5) Analyze failure effects / causes 6) Feed results back into design process 7) Classify failure effects by severity 8) Perform criticality calculations 9) Rank failure mode criticality 10) Determine critical items 11) Feed results back into design process 12) Identify means of failure detection, isolation and compensating provisions 13) Document the analysis. Summarize uncorrectable design areas, identify special controls necessary to mitigate risk. 14) Make recommendations 15) Follow up on corrective action implementation / effectiveness
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