29 November 2012

Enterprise Asset Management


Reporting is a critical component of your business enterprise. Whether you are using a month-end analysis report or an ad hoc report, reporting provides you the ability to analyze the powerful information supplied by the various Maximo releases. These pages provide you details on all aspects of Maximo reporting in the Version 7 releases, and is broken down into the following sections:
Section 1: Open Reporting Architecture, including (1) Data and Report Options (2) Report Upgrades (3) Enhancements by Releases and (4) Report Reference Materials.
Section 2: Maximo's embedded reporting tool, BIRT, including (1) Configuration (2) Design (3) Development (4) Administration and (5) Execution.
Section 3: Maximo's integration to Cognos reporting including (1) FAQs (2) Demos
Section 4: Contains miscellaneous information on Client FAQs and Version 6 reporting.

On Line Resources

To keep up with the latest Report Information, please join the Maximo Asset Management Reporting Community here or access the Maximo Asset Management SMC here for access to User Forums, Blogs, RFEs and much more! You can also click here for a listing of Key Report and Maximo Reference Sites. Additionally, you can download a presentation describing these resources here, or review ademo of the capabilities herehere. Password for download is tiv0li


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